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    Hades Canyon


         Hi, Just trying to understand if the new Hades Canyon, due for release soon, supports Intel Optane memory?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, OzBrewer.

          Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Communities Team.

          Allow me to share with you that the Intel® Optane™ Memory (page 3, Supported Platforms section) will be compatible with 7th Generation or newer Intel® Core™ Processor-based Platforms. The Hades Canyon NUCs (Intel® NUC Kit NUC8i7HVK and Intel® NUC Kit NUC8i7HNK) have an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor as a result, this NUC is compatible with the Optane™ memory.

          I hope this answers all your questions.

          Antony S.

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            Hello Oz,

            How you intend to use Optane memory in Hades Canyon? Since there is now bay for HDD, but two M.2 slots for SSD I don't see any advantage to use in this NUC Optane memory.


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              I started to answer that I agree with your assessment and question, but then I remembered that there is a way (or is it a version?) that allows Optane memory to be used as a super-fast standalone SSD (rather than as a caching accelerator for a separate HDD). In this case, it is a legitimate question being asked (and the answer is yes, it should be supported).



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                Hi Scott,

                Yes, you may use Intel Optane memory as a standalone NVMe SSD, however, Intel doesn't supports this configuration. In addition I don't see any reason to buy an 32 GB Optane memory for 60$ and using it as SSD (more than 20GB will be consumed by Windows), instead of buying for additional 60$ Samsung 960 EVO 250GB NVMe drive. So, I thing that both - the question and the answer are irrelevant.



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                  I'm looking at getting a WD 512GB Black PCIe M.2 SSD Drive.



                  And I was wondering if the Optane memory would be worth purchasing as a caching accelerator to supplement the WD SSD.


                  Just not sure how it would work and hang together.




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                    Hi Oz,

                    I will not pair Optane memory with an NVMe SSD. You will have only marginal (if any) performance improvement. Instead of wasting money on quite expensive Optane memory, in this case I'll suggest to consider
                    Samsung 960 EVO M.2 MZ-V6E500BW 500GB SSD.  Samsung's 960 EVO beats the WD Black across the board.




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                      Thanks Leon. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer.


                      I'll take a good look at the Samsung 960 evo then, and scrap the idea of the Optane memory.