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    Whea-Logger 19 saw on my 8700K from 21 january.


      I have a 8700K (default bios settings) for a month now. I have only just noticed after scrolling through event manger that i have been getting these warnings only from 21.01 january:

      A corrected hardware error has occurred.


      Reported by component: Processor Core

      Error Source: Corrected Machine Check

      Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error

      Processor APIC ID: 0 (also sometimes happens for 6 or 8 aswell)









      I havent seen any affects that might be caused from this like BSODS or freezing. All stable. Intel diagnostic tool passing. Memtest86 no errors. IHC memtest no errors. Either way should i be concerned of that errors from 21.01?


      my pc: 8700K ( 4700MHZ is on auto by motherboard )

      2x8GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000MHZ XMP ON

      Corsair 750i

      SSD Crucial 525GB MX300


      Asus Z370 Pro Gaming bios 215

      Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709


      I tried to reproduce issue by formatting disk and installing again Windows 10 but they dont appear again. From microsoft they said that this is hardware issue. So why i cant reproduce this?



      Warnings only occured in 21.01 and they stopped till today. I dont change anything in UEFI still.


      Today is 12.03.2018. Not single Whea warning. It happened only in 21.01.2018.

      So still it was something with hardware ,change something in UEFI or leave it ?