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    UEFI Intel RAID (RMS3CC080), stuck on "Driver Health" screen


      Hi, i have been playing with the RAID in the hardware (Server is in UEFI mode) (i have not lost data, only test systems).  We cant get in to the BIOS due to the below, so how do we get out of this loop (without removing the RAID hardware card), there must be an answer that works to open the BIOS / RAID utility


      Please see images:

      We had CACHECADE setup (and still connected), now we have the below message:

      "There are offline or missing virtual drives with preserved cache.  Please check the cable and ensure that all the drives are present, Press any key to enter the configuration utility."




      No matter what we enter (Y, N, C, R, F) the next screen says:

      All Driver Health Status List !


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