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    Temperature problem HP Zbook 15 G3 (similar to https://communities.intel.com/message/467884)


      Hi i have almost the same question as was asked about the Zbook in the question:

      Intel Xeon 1505m v5 High Temperature Concern


      but mine is a little different.  The temperature shown by my processor is around 100 degrees C all the time.  It bounces around but you can see from the attached plot it starts high and stays there continuously.  I downloaded and ran the Intel processor Diagnostic test 64 bit W.MP, and the graph below shows the CPU load, GPU load, CPU temps and GPU temps.  I have to disable temperature testing during the test or it fails due to high temperatures.


      IPDT 64 stress test HP Zboot 15 G3 (brand new).jpg


      The fan on the laptop runs continuously because I assume it thinks the CPU is hot.  when is say continuously i mean 100% of the time even when the CPU load is 5%.  To me the air temperature that the fan is exhausting is not hot at all.  I checked the reported temperature of the CPU with a couple of different APPs and they all report the same continuous 100 degrees C.


      Note that the reported temperature of the CPU bounces a lot before and after the CPU test, and then gets "smooth" during the test.  But still really high.  The GPU temperature is reasonable, and goes up during the stress test, then back down.  It is 30 Deg C normally, then increased up to 47 deg C max during the test.


      Brand new HP Zbook 15 G3,  CPU info attached below.



      What the heck??  Please help.