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    Intel RAID (RMS3CC080), BUG? "Online Virtual Drive Expansion" using RWC3 or MegaRAID System Manager




      Ive opened a new thread for this as i seem to confirm this either as a BUG or some weird hardware limitation.


      Hardware tested on



      RAID Web Console 3 and MegaRAID System Manager (v17)


      Situation 1

      Hard drive 2Tb (RAID 0)

      Virtual Drive = 0.5Tb

      FREE = 1.5Tb

      I can EXPAND this virtual drive to use the rest of the free space


      Situation 2 (the BUG)

      Hard drive 2Tb (RAID 0)

      Virtual Drive A = 0.5Tb

      Virtual Drive B = 0.5Tb

      FREE = 1Tb

      I can NOT EXPAND either virtual drive to use any of the free space, i can only create more virtual drives in this free 1Tb of space WHY IS THIS?