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    Intel hd graphics 4400


      Dear Sir

      I purchase a lenovo laptop . Specifications- Intel i3-4030U 1.9G , 4Gb Ram , 1Tb internal , intel 4400 hd graphics . Lenovo laptop model - lenovo g50-70 .

      i am unable to play counter strike global offensive smoothly on it. Game is lagging in my laptop .

      please help me.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Rupeshsingh, 

          I understand you are trying to play Counter-Strike* Global Offensive. Let me help you on this matter. 
          I was checking the game playability list for your Intel® graphics controller and I have noticed that changing some game settings you will be able to play it, please see the link below for more information

          Please make sure you have loaded the latest Intel® graphics drivers:

          Let me know your findings. 

          Allan J. 

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hi Rupeshsingh, 

            I was wondering if you still need assistance on this matter. Thank you. 

            Allan J. 

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              Dear Allan J. , Sorry for the late reply . The link you shared is for counter strike source but i tried to check for counter strike global offensive and it did not found in this link . But don't worry i have solved my problen myself . I only change some pc settings and game's video settings and it works fine but now it have lag but not very lagging in comparison to before changing settings. Now it is lagging in less amount . But i am not happy with that.


              Laptop Settings I Change :

              1) I change the power option to high performance.


              Game's Video Settings I Change :

              1) Brightness                                                               :                            2.2

              2) Color Mode                                                             :                            Computer Monitor

              3) Aspect Ratio                                                           :                             Widescreen 16:9

              4) Resolution                                                               :                            1366*768

              5) Display Mode                                                          :                             Fullscreen

              6) Laptop Power Saving                                              :                            Disable

              7) Global Shadow Quality                                           :                             High

              8) Model / Texture Detail                                             :                            Auto : High

              9) Effect Detail                                                            :                             Auto : Medium

              10) Shader Detail                                                        :                             Auto : Very High

              11) Multicolor Rendering                                            :                             Enable

              12) Multisampling Anti - Alising Mode                       :                             8* MSAA

              13) Texture Filtering Mode                                         :                              Billinear

              14) FXAA Anti - Alising                                               :                             Disable

              15) Wait For Vertical Syc                                           :                              Triple Buffered

              16) Motion Blur                                                          :                              Disable


              Only these are the settings i change and by applying them the performance is very good . Not so good but much improvement is seen in game . If you know anything to increase the performance and to play cs:go game in this specifications laptop without any lag then please share them .

              Thank You

              Rupesh Singh