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    D435 Uncalibrated? Color camera distortion coefficients are {0, 0, 0, 0, 0}




      The D435 camera seems to be UNCALIBRATED?


      Using the rs-sensor-control app, and selecting the color camera at:

      4  : Color #0 (Video Stream: RGB8 1920x1080@ 30Hz)


      Principal Point         : 956.491, 544.128

      Focal Length            : 1376.13, 1376.61

      Distortion Model        : Brown Conrady

      Distortion Coefficients : [0,0,0,0,0]


      First, is this correct?


      Second, I'm expecting non-zero values for the distortion coefficients if this camera is to be considered calibrated. Any idea's what's going on here? The ZR300's would come factory calibrated, is that not the case for the D400 series cameras? Is there a calibration procedure?


      Thank you!


      PS, note that I did try other color camera configurations, notably "22 : Color #0 (Video Stream: RGB8 1280x720@ 30Hz)", and still see {0}'s for distortion with the appropriate changes to FOV and PP reflected in the resolution change.