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    Processor Compatibility for the H270 Gaming 3 Motherboard


      Hello, INTEL community!


      I mean I'm a little frustrated because the new 8th generation platforms have arrived and

      I've necessarily acquired a 7th generation platform 3 months ago.


      The question is:


      What would be the "best processor" of the "7th generation", i5 or i7, for the platform "H270 Gaming 3 from Gigabyte

      that would serve significant performance for the speed of the windows 10 operating system?


      I want to put a 120GB SSD driver and use DDR4 memories to do "dual channel" to have an ideal response time with graphical applications

      that I use most (in addition to exploring the features of windows, like "msconfig", and others to use the maximum speed in the operating system).


      Another issue is having speed reading the data transfers between the "partitions" of the system data disks.

      I work with files with "heavy" extensions and would like to save time on the use of these data / files:

      both for internal use and for downloads via the web, if necessary.



      I ask again,

      which would be ideal:


      Processor with "own cooler" or processor that has the option of "overclok" with the use of a water cooler?


      Note: I do not intend to "overclock" (fear of "shortening" the useful life of the processor - does that make sense? I will use the machine too much!)


      Thanks to all who can help with any information!


      Best regards,

      Rogério Ramos l Graphics Designer l Salvador-BA/Brazil