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    CPU Microcode for Kabylake U/Y released by Microsoft?


      After having some issues with my NUC7i5BNH (Chrome crashing after Windows updates this past week), I found this article on BleepingComputer about microcode revisions being released through the Windows Update program.

      A Bunch of Intel Microcode Patches Have Arrived on the Microsoft Update Catalog

      While I see that Kabylake U/Y is listed,I am having a hard time determining the "CPUID" codes they are listing. They indicate 000806E9, but I cannot any string similar to this using regedit, CPU ID app or the Intel Processor Identification. I found the revision string via regedit, but I am not sure how else I can confirm that I own a CPU that would be positively affected by this microcode update.To be exact, i5-7260U running revision -x84.


      Any info would be helpful. I thought I could get these string to compare from the 3 modes mentioned. How can I make sure that my i5-7260U has the CPUID, Revision code, etc to know that this update works for me?



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