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    [Question to limit depthrange][RealSense SDK 2016 R3][Scan 3D][SR300][C#]



      I have a question to constrain the depth while scanning. Instead of scanning the whole distance the camera can use, only e.g. the first 80 cm's should be used, to avoid problems with items in the backround(They should not be scanned). I'm using the Scan3d from Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Windows 2016 R3. I try different ways but no one is working, could you please show me a working possibility? I'm using C# and SR300 on Win10.

      I try to constrain depth by:


      setting the Area. (Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R3 Documentation ).

      Intel.RealSense.Scan.Area myArea=scan.QueryArea();

      myArea.depth=0.8f;//Unit is meter


      Controlling this by checking:

      Intel.RealSense.Scan.Area myArea2=scan.QueryArea();

      leads to myArea.depth==0, so no update here. All examples/ways are also used while scanning - but items in backround are always the same.


      try to change: Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R3 Documentation ; but this is read only - where can I set it?

      Intel.RealSense.RangeF32 r=device.DepthSensorRange;


      device.DepthSensorRange=f;//Not working because DepthSensorRange is read only


      Intel.RealSense.RangeF32 f2=device.DSMinMaxZ;//This is used for other cameratype, but I found it while inspecting the device in the debugger