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    i7-6700T breakdown


      Good morning

      I am using the i7-6700T cpu.

      The hd520 built-in graphics will function normally.

      The external graphics gtx1050 does not recognize it.

      There is no gtx1050 on the Windows 10 device.

      If you change to another cpu, the gtx1050 will work normally.

      I change the main board and change the graphics card, but the symptoms are the same.

      If you test with intel diagnostic tool because there is a bad CPU, there is no problem.

      Is there a problem that only the external graphics card is not recognized?

      The dell pc warranty is over.

      Is there a way?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Minseo
          Thank you for joining the community.
          Seems that you have to review BIOS to verify if it is up to date, also in the BIOs configuration you can look for hybrid graphics or switchable graphics to enable the system to use booth GPU; or the option to set the external GPU as primary.
          For assistance on this, we recommend contacting the motherboard manufacturer.
          Hope this helps.
          Leonardo C.