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    Nuc6cayh not supporting hd audio 192/24


      Just got this barebones Nuc and put a 120gb ssd and 8gb of ram in.  I'm running Windows 10. I am using it as a music player with an ethernet connection to my pc in another room with all my music files.  I have it connected to my Marantz 1608 via hdmi.  I use JRiver Media Center to play my music from my server through the Nuc to the Marantz receiver.

      I don't know which is responsible for the issue (The Nuc hardware, Windows, or JRiver).  Here's the issue.

      I tried to play a flac file at 192/24 hd audio in JRiver.  In JRiver, I've chosen to play through my Marantz using Wasapi direct connection.  When playing I see it downsampled to 192/16 with a message that there aren't enough bits for the selected output (it recognizes that it is coming in at 192/24).  I know the Marantz can handle 19/24 - it has done so via hdmi and ethernet to my Oppo 103 blue ray player without any problems.

      Here's the other odd thing - I ordered this same model Nuc preloaded with the JRiver software and running Linux from the JRiver people.  I am returning it because I just don't understand Linux and want a Windows environment.  While I had it I played my 192/24 files through ALSA to the Marantz with no issues whatsoever (it even padded the bit depth to 32).

      So I'm wondering where the problem is.  I think I have all the latest drivers for everything (I just updated the graphics driver to the newest Intel HD graphic driver for the 500 model on my Nuc).

      In windows it says the Marantz is selected and supports all samples up to 192 and bit depths of 16 and 24.  However, I don't see a way to select any of these.  While searching around the net I kept seeing this same screen but with checkboxes by the sample rates and bit depths for the user to choose - I have no such options.  They are just listed as "supported".

      I don't know what else to check. 

      Is this a Nuc/Intel hardware issue or a Windows 10 issue?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Intel Corporation
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          Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Communities Team, zonk.

          Allow me to share with you that the 192/24 format is not supported by this NUC.

          Antony S.

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            Are you sure it isn't supported?  I had this exact same model Nuc ordered from Jriver that was running Linux.  I had no problems running 192/24 using the direct connection with ALSA. In fact, it was padding everything to 192/32.  I returned it to Jriver because I'm not comfortable with Linux.

            While running Windows 10 on  my new Nuc (though the same 6cay model as the one I returned), I can't even get a clean 24 bits on 96/24.  Jriver software says it is playing back at 192/16 because there aren't enough bits.  It sounds more like an operating system thing.  I can get 96/24 padded, which implies, I think, that it can't get a clean 24 bits even on 96 or 88.2 khz.

            Are you saying t he Nuc isn't capable of 24 bits at all, because I'm pretty sure I got that, and more in Linux?


            When I go into Sound properties in Windows it shows my default Marantz  receiver and it says it supports 16 and 24 bits and all the way through 192khz - but there are no check boxes for any of the  combinations for me to try (I can't even select cd sound, 44.1/16).  It just says it is supported.


            Thanks for any additional help/insight you can give.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Thank you very much for your prompt reply, zonk.

              The 192/24 format will not be supported by this model of NUC. In the following link, you will find the Technical Product Specifications for this specific NUC. On page 3, "Specification Changes or Clarifications" section, on September 2017 this feature was removed from this document since it is not supported by the NUC: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/mini-pcs/nuc-kits/NUC6CAYS_NUC6CAYH_TechProdSpec.pdf

              Please bear in mind as well that Windows® 10 is the only Operating System Supported by your unit.

              Antony S.

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                So this is frustrating. I just had this same model Nuc running Linux which supported 192/24 and 96/24 using ALSA.

                Is it possible that an older version of this model with a different type board supported these formats?

                Also, after reading that document you attached, does this mean this Nuc doesn't even support 96/24?

                Is so, do you gave any Nuc kits that do support 192/24 via hdmi (or toslink)?