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    SR2600 with 6 HDD




      as advised by Henry A. in SR2600 add HDD I move my question here.


      I want to use our old SR2600 as an Standalone ESXi host.

      The Server ist currently equiped with an Adaptec 5405 controller, passive mid plane and 4 disks.

      The 4 cables from the Adaptec are connected to SATA_SAS  0 - 3 on the mid plane.

      SATA_SAS 4 - 5 are connected to SATA ports on the main board.

      There ist also ASR2500SIXDRV for 6th HDD installed which is also connected to a SATA port on the main board.


      My plan is, to install an integrated RAID module AXXRMS2MH080 and connect 6 SAS cables to the mid plane.

      Then connect the ASR2500SIXDRV to the back plane (connectors L-M, N-O in the picture below).


      What makes me confused is the sicker in the upper server cover. It states that only SATA connectors 0 - 4 can be used.


      Another point of confusion is the paragraph from http://www.techbuy.com.au/newproducts/2006/10/2/

      2018-03-13 19_42_39-2 October 2006 _ Techbuy Australia – Opera.jpg

      Does it mean I cannot set up RAID 5 spanning 6 hard drives when using a passive mid plane?


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