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    Help - issue with RAID on DP55WB


      I have an issue with a RAID (duplication) on the DP55WB. I tired the latest BIOS, and the latest 'Intel disc manager', but after a few days or few hours, one of the disc is declared in error, and the system work in 'degraded' mode. Works fin in degraded mode, but I want the security of RAID duplication. I have returned the disc, put the new one, rebulid the duplication succesfuly, but after a few hours, the 'old' disc has been declared 'in error'. Returned that disc to the manufacturer. I bought a brand new disc from an other manufacturer, put it back, rebuild the duplication, and after 5 minutes of usage, the new disc was declared in error!!! please help, I know now that the discs are OK (always was), but the borad of firmware is bad. Should I return the board? please help!!! I am desperate.