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    Problem with the Intel integration of parallel studio XE 2018 update 1 with visual studio 2017


      Hello everyone!

      I have been struggling for few days now with installing Intel parallel studio XE 2018 update 1 cluster edition on visual studio 2017 without luck. I have a fortran project on visual studio (.vfproj) that I need to work on. Before, I used to work on it using vs 2015 and it worked well, now I am clueless about what happened.

      That’s what I did:

      1. Installed VS 2017 with Desktop development with C++ component.
      2. Installed Intel parallel studio XE 2018 update 1 cluster edition. I made sure to click on VS 2017 for the integration target.

      But whenever I open the file (.vfproj) by visual studio, it can't be read (the source files are .f90). Also when I try to initiate a new project, there is no fortran project’s option available. Also, from the discussions it's clear that the Intel integration did not install at all

      It's really frustrating and time consuming for me at the moment. Any help would be so much appreciated.




      PS: I always get a warning about the integration files whenever i install parallel studio, it's attached to this message