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    7820x running at 1.2ghz, Please help


      I just built a new 7820x system, CPU z and Intel ETU both show it running at 1.2GHz even when stress testing. I do see Current Limit Throttling flash yes when benchmarking or stress testing with ETU. This is much worse than my 4770k that I upgraded from. CPU is running at 25c.


      I don't know a lot about overclocking, using ETU, I adjusted the core ratio to 36 and it's still stuck on 1.2GHz, even under stress test or benchmark.


      My specs:

      Corsair 750w PS

      Corsair Hydro H100i v2

      MSI x299 Raider

      G.skill ripjaw DDR4 3200

      Asus GTX1080