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    RTF Drone Flight Instability


      So I have been struggling with getting my RTF to fly stably. It seems like the front motors are exerting more power than the rear motors causing it to take off with the behavior shown in the video.

      In the video the drone is supposed to be hovering, but instead flew forward pretty quickly and I had to quickly disarm the motors.

      The setting is on manual flight mode. 

      I have installed and reinstalled the firmware many times.

      I have reinstalled the OS many times.

      The compass/GPS unit is secured firmly and facing the correct orientation.

      All of my firmware is up to date, the bios is up to date, all of the sensors and the RC is calibrated and showing correct compass orientation and attitude in QGC.

      I do not believe the 3d printed propeller guards are causing a problem with weight imbalance, I observed this behavior without them attached.

      I took out the middle support of the frame so I could better center the battery for balance but this did not appear to change anything.

      The state estimator being used was LPE but I have observed this in behavior in EKF2 also.

      I am using Ubuntu as the operating system but first installed the latest Yocto image.

      QGC is connected to the drone via the Hotspot

      Thank you in advance for your help

      Dropbox - DJI_0039.MP4