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    NUC7i3DNHE Ready Mode Won't bring CPU out of C7 state - dangerous


      Hello Community,


      I'm sorry that my first post has to be about issues.


      I have a very serious and potentially dangerous issue with Intel Ready Mode technology, and in my opinion such features should not be available on the market and pulled right away.


      Specifications are:

      Intel NUC7i3DNHE

      2x4GB Crucial DDR4L 2400MHz

      Samsung 960 EVO M2

      Seagate BarraCuda 2TB HDD



      Windows 10 Pro Fall Creators Update - updated

      All Intel drivers up to date and installed


      My machine is a hadless server mainly used for remote PLEX media playback, downloads, VPN station.


      The machine has no USB devices connected to it, but just a LAN cable.


      My machine goes to Ready Mode (C7) state flawlessly, the problem is .... only an USB device (mouse movement for example) will bring it out of Ready Mode to normal operation which is absurd.

      If my machine enters in Ready Mode and I log in remotely to it - it will never go out of C7 state, no matter what I do and how much I stress the hardware.

      Such behaviour is simply wrong - if a NUC operates remotely with Ready Mode on and no USB activity (like mouse movement let's say), once in Ready Mode your machine will never go out of Ready Mode until you actually physically restart it or attach a USB mouse and move it ?!?! No software activity, no matter how much you stress the hardware will bring it out of C7 state, until you move a mouse (interact via USB).



      I tried even logging in the machine after in C7 and starting a CPU stress test - still my machine will stay in Ready Mode (C7) mode and fan speed won't change.

      It wasn't pleasant seeing how I can kill my CPU easily, because Intel software is really poorly made and cannot sense that the hardware is actually 100% stressed!


      Please fix this - one can remotely kill his hardware easily if not paying attention to that.