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    i7 6700 running at 0.8 Ghz


      Hello, I recently notice that my cpu drop to 0.8 Ghz . I updated bios and chipset driver, but it didn't help


      My BCLK is 100.00

      I used Intel processor diagnostic tool, and my processor passed the test

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          Do you use a 3rd party tool to monitor CPU activity?

          If so, try Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) instead.

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            I checked few different ones, with the same results.

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              I'm actually having this exact same issue with my i7-7700k. I've tried just about everything I can think of to fix this, but it's been happening consistently for about 6 or so months, maybe longer. Everything runs fine for about 12-24 hours of uptime, and then as soon as that threshold is breached, it drops to .76-.80 ghz, and the only way to restore normal clock speeds is to shut down, throw the kill switch, and let it sit for a while. Hoping someone here can help.


              I've had people on other forums suggest it's a thermal throttling issue, but I find this quite hard to believe. Please see the attached photo for confirmation. My CPU temps float around 24 degrees Celsius and rarely surpass 45-50 C during heavy loads.


              Other specs of possible importance:


              CPU: 7th-gen, i7-7700k, no OC

              CPU Cooler: EVGA 280 MM CLC running at full speed

              GPU: MSI GTX 1080ti

              PSU: Corsair HX750i, Platinum Certified

              Ram: Corsair 3200mhz, clocked at 2133 or 2600, can't remember.

              Mobo: MSI z270 m7 Gaming Enthusiast.


              I've reset my BIOS multiple times, updated it, reinstalled windows, checked my cabling, and just about anything else I could think of. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might happen and only after a certain amount of time. It's currently running in it's normal range: 4.1ish-4.5ish with intel turbo. I'm at a complete loss.


              Many thanks.