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    Intel HD 4600 Lenovo Y5070


      Hello everyone, I have a Lenovo Y5070 with intel HD 4600 and nVidia 860m.
      This monday I was playing overwatch, closed the game, disconnected my ethernet cable, and since then my screen isn't working properly.ello


      It shows yellow rectangles and some kind of tearing. Same happens when I plug an HDMI cable so it's not my laptop's screen.


      Same error happens in ubuntu.
      So far the only "solution" I've come to is disabling intel HD 4600 on windows the device manager but then I'm not able to change brightness nor suspend my laptop.


      I tried changing the drivers but all with the same result.

      I don't know what else to try but I really hope the intel HD isn't physically damaged


      Please, any ideas, or suggestions on how to fix it or what to try?