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    G4560 and no signal on HDMI


      Hello to everyone :)


      I have a very annoying problem with my new PC and TV 55'' (I use my TV as monitor): sometimes on the TV appear "No signal", I will show my hardware situation:


      TV Samsung JU6800 4k 55''

      Motherboard MSI B250M Bazooka

      CPU Intel G4560

      8GB Ram


      Screen resolution is set to 3840x2160 @30hz (not 60hz because, I suppose, I read in the specifications of Motherboard it only support 3840x2160 until 30hz)


      1. If I turn on my TV and AFTER the PC, "No signal" appear on the TV. In this case I have to restart my PC (restart TV or change HDMI source or unplug and replug cable is not useful)


      2. If I turn on the PC first and AFTER the TV, everything ALWAYS works right


      But please note: if I turn off TV and PC and in less than 15/20 minutes I restart them, is not important if I turn on TV BEFORE the PC, everything works fine in this case.



      So the problem persist ONLY when more than 15/20 minutes are spent and I turn on FIRST my TV. It sounds like that the TV, after that time, reset something that I cannot wake up if I restart the PC after the tv


      I also tried to set the screen resolution of my PC to 1980x1200 @60hz: same problem.

      Or changing UHD color settings and Istant On/Off on the TV: no useful results


      Have somene some ideas? Can be the cable? Do I need of an external video card should improve the situation? Or it is a problem (bug) of Samsung TV?

      Or, this is my idea, is there something G4560 drivers? I also tried to replace it with drivers on MSI website, but without improvents


      ps: both TV and PC have last firmware and drivers installed