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    Who/how to contact regarding account issues?


      So for the longest ive been able to get by via lurking these forums.  The time has come to make an account and use them however


      Unfortunately it seems I had this same idea somewhere way in the past.  I tried creating an account with my username (the chances of someone on this planet having the same one are basically 0) and it told me it was taken.


      At this point I tried to recover the password via username and it said it couldnt find any such username...lol.  Then i tried to recover username via email.  Same result.


      At this point i didnt deem it worth the trouble and created one via a similar username.  All was well and i went into the profile properties and it allowed me to change my login TO the login it told me was taken when trying to create the account.


      GREAT i thought.  Problem solved. 


      Then i began my foray into the forums.  Unfortunately it now asked me for a display name.  I put in the same username and its now "taken" again.  Sigh.

      Basically looking for whoever handles these forums to get rid of god knows what residual or old info is blocking me and fix my username

      I clicked support but nothing seemed to "fit the bill" so to speak.  RMA stuff etc.