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    DG45ID issue(s)


      Recently upgraded to Intel DG45ID and Q8400 CPU. After 1st boot I updated BIOS from factory shipped release 0079 to latest 0127. Noticed afterwards that the BIOS notes indicates you must use iFlash or Recovery. I normally use the Express BIOS method which I used to update. The update appeared to work as the Intel Board ID correctly identifies the Bios revision as 0127.

      However I cannot load any of the Intel G45 Express video drivers. Any version will load and enumerate the two instances of the device along with HD audio. But on 1st reboot the machine never boots past the Windows XP flag logo. It immedately enters a reboot cycle. If I boot to Enable VGA mode and uninstall the driver the machine will boot properly.

      My question is related to BIOS. Should I attempt to restore 0079 and then use iFlash or Recovery method to get BIOS to 0127 ? Also I cannot understand why any release of the Intel Video driver causes the machine to be unable to boot. I've checked all BIOS settings and nothing appears to be set incorrectly.

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          put the new bios (.bio file) on an usb-stick (drive), and use the F7 boot option you must first enable in the bios. after that, load the default bios settings and install the latest drivers for xp. should work.

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            I downloaded the .Bio (Flash Module) and installed to a blank Flash drive. I enabled the BIOS option to use F7 to Flash. It appears on the BIOS screen but no matter how many times I press F7 it never registers..The machine simply continues on to boot Windows.


            I'm beginning to think this particular board may have been a bad choice on my part.

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              then use the recovery method. see manual/docs for details.

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                Thanks for your suggestions. I did the recovery based BIOS flash. That did work as expected. However I re-tried applying the latest Intel Video driver and again the system enters a reboot mode as before.