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    Intel HD Graphics 530 driver won't Install


      Dear Intel Support Community,

      I've been having problems installing my Intel HD Graphics 530 Driver on my Windows 10 Creator Build 1709. Now I'm stuck with Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Computer is sluggish as a result and my screen is at maximum brightness. I'm using Dell Inspiron 7559 running, i7 6th Generation.

      I've tried everything under the roof.

      1. All Dell Drivers - Auto and Manual

      2. Windows Update Installation

      3. Intel Drivers - Auto and Manual

      4. 3rd Party Driver Softwares

      5. Safe Mode Driver Installation - Both Dell and Intel, Auto and Manual, All Versions

      None of them seem to work. I've searched thoroughly online, apparently a lot of people are getting this problem since Windows Creator build 1709 if they are having Intel HD Graphics 520, 530, 630 and some other numbers.

      Intel HD Audio Installs perfectly. Graphics doesn't. On manual, it will run like 15 minutes and show me "This operation returned because the timeout period expired" On Auto it will take a very long time to Install, but still ending up with Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Please help.


      Ray Mak

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          My computer has been fixed and I've installed the latest driver. It turns out that I had to use DDU Uninstaller (Just Google it) to completely remove my previous Intel Drivers in Safe Mode. Apparently, the new Windows Update Creator Edition has messed up a little on the drivers when we migrate from the older Windows to the new version. Once completely removed, I've gone back to safe mode, Download the latest drivers from Dell for Inspiron 7559 and installed it under safe mode. Restart! Viola! Perfect condition!


          Ray Mak

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