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    Is the  telemetry port  an I2C?



      I am working with Aero RTF kit and want to use lidar lite v3 or px4flow to do altitude and position hold. I refer this link: Intel Aero Drone - Altitude and Position Hold Using PX4Flow: 11 Steps (with Pictures) , as it said, " Basically what we are doing is first updating the FPGA so that it can use the telemetry port as an I2C connection. "  So can I think that if I do not run the following command:

      > jam -aprogram aero-rtf_i2c.jam , the  telemetry port is not an i2c?

      but when I refer the link  to connect a lidar: https://docs.px4.io/en/flight_controller/intel_aero.html

      "The Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone has two ports with I2C: One labled COMPASS and the other TELEMETRY."  I am puzzled, should I run : > jam -aprogram aero-rtf_i2c.jam before connecting lidar lite v3 via telemetry port ?


      I am using ubuntu 16.04. and running this command : aero-get-version.py , both AIRMAP_VERSION  and Aero FC Firmware Version are unkonw.