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    M.2 PCIe SSD in S2600BPB



      I have a Buchanan Pass system with the S2600BPB motherboard (XXLRE chassis, HNS2600BPB  compute module). An Intel PCIe M.2 SSD is attached to riser slot 2 (back). However, the SSD is not visible in the OS.

      * BIOS version: SE5C620.86B.00.01.0009.101920170742

      * OS: CentOS 7.4


      It's not just one bad system - I have 2 chassis, 8 modules; same issue.


      If I add HHHL PCIe SSDs (P4600 for example), I can see the drives as /dev/nvme* devices.


      Is there a BIOS setting that is needed? I have tried both UEFI and Legacy boot options.