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    Win10 stutters on battery if Wireless AC-8265 set to Power Saving or if there is no internet connection/airplane mode


      Windows 10 (fully patched and updated) laptop stutters and lags when it runs on battery power under certain conditions. I have traced this (I think) to power saving settings for the Wireless Adapter. Here's the logic...

      If laptop is on AC power - no issues

      If laptop is on battery AND wireless adapter power saving is set to "Medium Power Saving on battery" then Windows 10 (everything) lags and stutters. The mouse freezes for a couple of seconds, typing stops and starts, even the up-time counter in Task Manager skips a few seconds. If I switch the wireless adapter power saving setting to Max Performance on battery the issue goes away. BUT...

      Even if I leave the wireless adapter power saving setting as"Maximum Performance on battery" then the stutter reappears IF there is a no wireless internet connection or if the laptop is in airplane mode.


      So, Win 10 stutters IF(on battery == TRUE) AND ((Wireless Power Saving != Max Performance) OR (Wireless Internet Connection == FALSE))


      To those with more knowledge than me:

      If the wireless adapter is the issue (and I'm pretty sure it is) is there a fix? Why is the presence of an internet connection preventing the laptop lagging but in airplane mode it comes back (even with Max Performance set). I guess it is the adapter realising after some period that there is no connection and then going into a sleep state or low power mode even though it is set to max performance. i.e. it mimics the behaviour of medium power saving (even with an internet connection). But this sleep state drags the entire PC down with it?


      HP Spectre x360 laptop, Core i7 7th Gen, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD, Intel Wireless-AC 8265.


      Happy to run some tests etc.


      Thanks in advance.

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