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    windows 10 compatibility for DH57JG


      Hello all, new here.  I am looking at buying a DH57JG Mini ITX board.  Old, I know, but I am building my niece her first system and I have an i7 860 sitting around.  She's very young so it won't matter that it's not new, she won't even know.  Anyway, the manual says it only supports Win 7 as of it's printing.  I was wondering if there's been a bios update so that it is Win 10 compatible?  I am currently running an i7 920 in an old socket 1366 board  that has had no bios updates as far as I know and I don't have any problems running Win 10 so maybe the DH57JG doesn't need a bios update either?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.