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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver has slow performance after Windows 10 Creators Update


      Dear Intel Community,


      after installing Windows 10 Creators Update (in April 2017), all 3D software I use became extremely slow in visual performance. To be exact, the software I'm using: FEKO 2017, Solidworks 2018, Altair HyperWorks 2017. The features like rotating, pan, zooming or even making a sketch are useless now, because it takes enormously lot of time to redraw the view, moreover, whole UI is freezing, although the CPU is not loaded at all.


      I tried different things:

      • Latest driver version I have is (date 1/3/2018);
      • I rolled back to previous versions of driver (three versions before), they behave the same way;
      • I deleted and reinstalled the new driver completely – it works perfectly until restart. After computer is shut down and turned on again, everything is the same as before. Should the driver be reinstalled anytime I need to work?
      • I installed Windows 10 1709 16299.248 from scratch;
      • Using of OpenGL software rendering mode in a temporary option, but it also has poor performance in big model assemblies.
      • Tried Intel Driver Updater to search new drivers;
      • The BIOS was completely updated to its latest version.


      Next thing I tried and it works for me now with some limitations:

      I walked through all driver versions downwards, reinstalling and testing them at least three days to validate the functionality. I found out, that the version for Windows 8.1 x64 (driver date 26.08.2013) works well and without any problems since April 2017. I tested different software (SolidWorks, Altair Hyperworks, FEKO) and different scenarios, e.g. waking up from the sleep mode, hibernation, hyper-v on/off, shared second monitor over Mini DisplayPort and other stuff — the driver works, but with some inconveniences (e.g. completely black model in HyperWorks in shaded mode).


      The automatic driver update was blocked in gpedit during all driver tests and installs to avoid its automatic change. The steps I did:

      • Open Group Policy Editor gpegit;
      • Go to \Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update;
      • Change "Do not include drivers with Windows Updates" option to enabled.
      • Delete the actual driver in devmgmt.msc completely, including driver files;
      • Restart OS;
      • Install Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver version for Windows 8.1 x64 (driver date 26.08.2013).


      Problem overview table:

      Driver version
      FEKO 2017
      HyperWorks 2017

      Old driver


      New driver (and three versions before)



      Information table:



      Answers (N/A if not applicable)


      Provide a detailed description of the issue

      Any newly released driver has terrible performance in CAD software.

      Please, read the description above.

      Please place an X to the right of the option showing how often you see this issue using specific steps. (Ex: 'Every few times a game is started it flickers.' <- This would be "Often")

      Always (100%)

      Hardware (HW)

      Brand and Model of the system.

      Lenovo ThinkPad X230 (2325CN9) - 31.75 cm ( 12.5" ) - Core i7 3520M - 8 GB RAM

      Hybrid or switchable graphics system?
      ie Does it have AMD or NV graphics too?

      Only HD 4000

      Make and model of any Displays that are used to see the issue (see note2 below).
      = Local Flat Panel (Laptop panel)
      EFP = External Flat Panel (Monitor you plug in)


      EFP - Dell U2415 over Mini DisplayPort optionally.

      How much memory [RAM] in the system (see note2 below).


      Provide any other hardware needed to replicate the issue.
      ie: Cables&brand, cable type [vga, hdmi, DP, etc], dock, dongles/adapters, etc


      Hardware Stepping (see note1 below).


      Software (SW)

      Operating System version (see note2 below).

      Windows 10 Pro x64, 1709, Build 16299.248

      VBIOS (video BIOS) version. This can be found in “information page” of CUI (right click on Desktop and select “Graphics Properties”.


      Graphics Driver version; for both integrated Intel and 3rd party vendors (see note2 below).

      SW or Apps version used to replicate the issue.

      • SolidWorks 2016-2018
      • FEKO 2017
      • HyperWorks 2017
      • Other users mentioned SketchUp


      Single display, clone, or extended (see note2 below).

      • Single display.
      • Extended display optionally.

      Display resolution & refresh rate setting of each display (see note2 below).

      See attached files

      AC or DC mode, i.e. is power cable plugged in or not?


      How to reproduce

      Please provide steps to replicate the issue.  These steps are very crucial to finding the root cause and fix.
      A screenshot to illustrate the issue is a huge plus. A video of the failure is even better! Attach to the post or provide the YouTube link.

      (Please, see the table and read full description above)

      1. Install Windows 10 Creators Update;
      2. Install latest driver;
      3. The described software is unusable.


      How to make new driver work (until first OS restart):

      1. Restart PC into BIOS
      2. Nothing change
      3. Exit discarding any changes
      4. When Windows loads, the driver works well
      5. After first OS restart or shutdown, the driver begins to behave laggy as before.


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      List of affected software

      • FEKO
      • Altair HyperWorks
      • SolidWorks
      • SketchUp
      • VirtualBox


      Below you can find attached files.


      Dear Intel, please, fix the new drivers!


      Any help appreciated.

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