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    Upgrading a Gateway 820GM computer

      I have a Gateway 820GM computer and would like to upgrade the motherboard if possible.  The motherboard used in this computer is a Intel Southlake D915GSE.  Is there a newer motherboard that can fit into the case used in for this computer.  One of the biggest things is that the configuration for this computer is that is the mirror of a usual computer.  The opening is on the left when looking at the computer so all slots are on the right but the port slots are at the bottom and the power supply opening is at the top like a normal computer

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          I am about to attempt an upgrade to an Intel 955 motherboard and 950 Pentium D CPU.  It appears with minimal to no hacking away at the case that I can make it work, but I have seen what appears to be the 832GMs case on eBay stating that it DOES NOT support the 955 Intel MB.  I don't care much if I have to use a Dremel and remove small pieces of metal from the back of the case, as long as the sides and front remain untouched.  I've had to hack the hell out of a NVIDIA 9800GT's plastic casing to make it fit in the PCI-E slot before (without compromising the heatsink/vent integrity).  I haven't been able to find squat for information on this system, no BIOS upgrades on Gateway's site to see if I can get it to support a dual core, much less finding any other BTX cases to switch to (I really like this one), and I'm pretty sick of it all.  Its quite a nice case and a sweet accent to the entertainment center, as we use it with a Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard kit, its the center of attention, but this CPU is a bit slow even with a decent video card and 4gb RAM.  I am awaiting the parts to arrive, so that I can begin.  Needless to say, I'm pretty determined to make this work for me.  Please let me know if you went a similar route, as I will try to remember to come back and post my results.  Wish me luck man!