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    Up/Down positions on left stick on DXe not working


      I'm calibrating the radio through QGroundControl, but it gets stuck every time I get to a point in the program where it asks me to move the left stick all the way up. It doesn't seem to register. Left/right/up/down on the right stick work, and left/right on the left stick work, but up/down on this stick doesn't work. I tried Mode 1 and Mode 2.


      With the positions that work, I can feel resistance against the stick, like I'm pushing against a spring, and when I let go it returns back to the center. When I move the left stick up and down, I feel no resistance and I have to move it back manually. This tells me that there is some hardware problem with how the stick is connected.


      Is this something user serviceable? If I unscrew the back of the DXe, will it be reasonably easy to fix this stick, or should I return this DXe for repair/replacement?

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