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    Can't Calibrate Radio, "Detected 0 radio channels"


      I ran aero-fc-update to update the PX4 firmware. That worked and aero-get-version.py reports "AeroFC Firmware Version = 1.6.5".


      I installed QGroundControl on an Android tablet and connected it to my drone WiFi. I configured the airframe and calibrated the sensors with no problems, but can't configure or calibrate the radio. The error I get is "Detected 0 radio channels. To operate PX4, you need at least 5 channels."


      Googling the error message led me to a discussion where someone said changing the value for SYS_AUTOSTART fixed this problem for them. I looked to see what it is for me and it's set to 4070, which Google tells me is the correct value for "Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone" airframe, but it's displayed in red. If this value needs to change, then I have no idea what it should be.


      Any ideas what my problem is? Could it be my tablet -- do I need a special tablet with some kind of radio receiver or should any tablet work?