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    Xeon 2660v2 Plastic Frame



      I bought a second hand 2660v2 which has come but has a frame around the CPU.

      I want to put this in a ASRock EPC602D8A but unsure if the frame is needed or not as I have only ever installed CPU's that have had no frames on them.

      Please see the attached image for what I mean by frame.



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          Hello SmanUK,

          I understand that you are not sure whether to use the plastic frame or not to install the processor in the motherboard.

          Regarding that, after analyzing the picture I determined that the plastic frame is simply a protector frame that was sent inside that ESD bag. This means that you simply need to remove the processor from it and install it normally in the motherboard.

          I hope this helps.

          David V

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            It had some glue/sticky around two side of it holding it on but I was able to remove it and clean it up with some IPA.


            Fits a lot better now, thanks