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    RealSenseSR300 doesn't work color and depth in same time


      hi, I'm developing image processing with realsense sr300.

      I'm not good at English, so maybe my English is strange, sorry.


      I developed with Windows 10 Pro(threshold 2) and it succeeded before.

      Now, I use Windows 10 home (redstone3) and it doesn't work.

      When I use either color or depth, it works well but when I use both color and depth, it stop.

      The using program is same.

      My program's error is "sample->depth is nullptr".

      Maybe, AcquireFrame() doesn't work well.

      It stops too when I use RealSenseViewer ver.2.10.0.


      Do you have any solutions ?

      If you need more informations, please ask me.

      Thank you.