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    Intel RST showing unknown error when trying to Accelerate.


      Hi Guys,


      I recently reinstalled windows with the hope of getting my Intel RST to work correctly.


      To start with I completely cleaned both the MSata SSD (30gb) and the main HDD with Diskpart in cmd. During this process I had the bios set to AHCI. Once I cleaned the drives I placed the Msata SSD offline through Diskpart (OFFLINE Disk).

      When this was completed I changed the bios back to raid and placed a windows install USB in and installed windows onto the mechanical HDD. I should mention that on power up in the first screen it shows both Msata and 1tb mechanical drive as available in raid.


      Once windows was installed and all drivers were downloaded. I restarted and installed Intel RST driver and software. When I open intel RST it shows both drives working correctly. I then set the Msata to a cache volume for the other hdd and hit accelerate only to run into and unknown error. I tried restarting and it shows now that the SSD is set to raid 0 as normal but it still shows an unknown error despite all drives seemingly working well. Intel rst shows no failures.


      I have attached both images below. If you need more info to help me, just let me know what is needed.