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    STK1AW32SC "Updates" at end of POST prior to Windows start-up?


      Is there a good document describing what updates are occurring toward the end of POST with "Intel" displayed prior to indication of Window 10 start-up?  I have two Compute Sticks which exhibit this behavior after previously being configured for no Windows Updates (i.e. Windows Update service disabled).  I didn't capture the exact language, but the duration of updates and % completion updates looked like Windows Updates during POST which doesn't seem right.  Could there be something intermittently changing state in BIOS or Windows with unexpected power cycling that would cause the behavior on the subsequent boot cycle?  I've had at least one Compute Stick lose application functionality after an errant Windows Update and am concerned about robustness if wanting to deploy Compute Sticks in multiple locations.  I'll try to get BIOS versions and other details, but wanted to get the overall behavior posted for discussion/feedback.  Thanks!