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    BCLK overclock on i5-8400


      Hello guys,

      i need your help to find out if with a specific motherboard i can increase the BCLK of an intel core i5-8400.

      I don't need to overclock the multiplier so that is the reason why i don't need a k serie.

      Also i know that i can ovc the bclk by BIOS but i don't need that, i need to ovc by using a motherboard software after i have started windows. Is this possible with this kind of CPU?

      Note: I would like to use an Asrock z370 Extreme4 and GSkill DDR4 RAM up to 3600MHz.

      Please help me, I asked many guys but I got many difference answers.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello lolloone

          I understand that you are looking for a specific motherboard that can increase the BCLK of the processor.

          Since this is the case we cannot recommend any as we do not know which motherboards could assist you with the overclocking. The unit itself is not "unlocked" so I cannot guarantee that you will be able to overclock the unit how you are intending to do.  

          Aside from that, Intel ® does not recommend any kind of overclocking since the processor are designed to work as per specifications and not higher or lower which can actually reduce the life time. 

          David V