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    Scene Perception/RGBD SLAM/Motion Tracking with Intel® RealSense™ D435


      As new owners of the D435 Camera we succeeded to make the librealsense of the SDK 2.0 to work.


      However we did not find any high-level API like the previous SDK 2016 R2 for features like "scene perception" that could compute the position and orientation of the camera according to its environment.

      We are using the Unity engine with C# and would like to perform scene perception ising the D435.

      ①Is there a way to perform such features with the SDK 2.0?
      ②If no, do you have any recommendation that would use third party tools in order to easily get these features with the D435 (especially with the Unity engine)?

      ③Are these features still at development phase and planned to be implemented in the provided SDK 2.0 (or any SDK that uses the D435) at some point?


      Thank you.