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    S2600IP4 Motherboard SAS and SATA mixed disk setup




      We have an S2600IP4 motherboard with the on board C602 SATA/SAS controller. We would like to install 2 SAS 8Tbyte disks and keep the current 2 SATA disks.

      If we buy the RKSAS8R5 (Purple) Upgrade key which is supporting 8 SAS disks, will we able to use the controller in mixed mode (2 SAS and 2 SATA disks)? We don't want to build RAID on these mixed disks, Just 1 RAID on SAS disks and another one on SATA disks separately.


      Could someone please help us, is it possible to mix the drives on the same contoroller if the Upgrade key installed?


      Thank you.