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    Intel support is completely unresponsive, so I am trying here




      Years ago, I purchased the Intel Fortran compiler for Macs, and have renewed it annually ever since.  Intel sends me a renewal notice every year, along with several product update notices during the year.


      When I received my renewal notice this year from Intel.Registration.Center@intel.com, I went to intel.com and tried to log into my longstanding account.  I was told the password was incorrect.  When I tried to reset my password, I was told that my username and email were not in the system.  So, it looks like my account is gone.  Strangely, they still contact me at this same email address, though, so they must have it somewhere.  I have had this email account for 20 years.  I created a new account under a new email address to post here today.


      I have emailed Intel support half a dozen times in the past few weeks, trying to reactivate my original account, and I have not received a single response.  I have checked my spam folder - nothing.


      I have also tried calling the various support numbers on the Intel web page.  These numbers always eventually take me to someone who answers the phone and says "I'm sorry, this number is for Intel employees only."   I am then given a different number to try, and that eventually leads to someone answering the phone and saying the same thing.


      In short, I have had zero success contacting Intel as a customer.  It should not be this difficult.  Any suggestions on how to get their attention?


      Thanks, Tom



      Try this if you like:

      * Go to http://intel.com

      * Click "Sign in"

      * Click "Forgot username"

      * "Contact customer support"

      * This brings up a form to email Intel regarding sign-in issues.  I've done this repeatedly with no response.

      * Click "Find a local phone number to speak to a representative who can assist you"

      * This brings up a list of phone numbers in different countries.  America is 877-811-2574.  Call that number and you will be told that it's for Intel employees only.  Ask them for other numbers, and those don't work, either.