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    Intel 540 Series 1TB M.2 SSD Read errors


      Dear All,


      I am having a HP ZBook Studio workstation laptop, which came with 256 GB, Sandisk NVMe M.2 SSD. I have purchased an Intel 540 Series 1 TB M.2 SSDand connected to the second slot. everything is working fine, but i am having issues when i open VMWare image files which is stored in this disc. The entire disk is disappearing once the vmware started to read the files from this disk. I have two partitions both are disappearing. I need to turn off the system and turn on to get back my drives. The disc status in Intel Rapid Storage application is shown as below




      I have run the Intel SSD tool, but it return a read error as below,




      Kindly help, does the change in Physical sector will fix the issue ? it says 512.