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    Realsense R200 Wacom MobileStudio Pro - no joy


      I've encountered the DS_INVALID_ARG that was reported several months ago. Have read through the posts and have seen no real means of addressing this problem. One post suggested that uninstalling the DCM was a fix to running the calibrator - it doesnt seem to be as it generates a missing destination file error instead. Uninstalling/reinstalling the DCM, the calibrator, updating Windows, checking latest on Wacom drivers, etc produces no fix.


      Also - regular camera...both forward and rear function normally. However, any attempt to engage realsense for scanning with scanning tools or even direct exec of realsense tools just dumps to error of some sort.


      Please advise.




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          Unfortunately the DCM removal approach is the only fix known so far for the Wacom MobileStudio Pro calibrator.  If you want to hide the calibration notification so you don't have to think about the calibrator at all, one Wacom user had this advice:


          "There’s an 'Intel RealSense Camera Calibration Notifier' that loads on startup, and if you’re in Tablet Mode, that shows as a big blank white window which is pretty annoying and useless.   I disabled it by going to the Task Manager > Startup tab > selecting <missing woird> and pressing disable."


          So whilst that message leaves out the name of the button under the Startup tab that affects the calibration message, you may be able to find it by looking under the different options there.