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    NUC7i5BNK screen flickering problem


      Hi, I have the same problem as reported by many in the previous threads on the subject although it's not so much a flash, but more of a flicker. Parts of the screen are fine while others kinda look "corrupt", maybe go green or pink for just a few milliseconds. I'm on 4K and screen flickers in many of the times when there are big "changes" in whatever's displayed. Fast scrolling through text, opening the Start menu, switching tabs in the browser and setting Youtube to full screen - these are just some of the times when the problem is prominent.


      I have had this NUC for 9 months and this has never happened before. It only started this week, and I've made no recent changes to the system, nor installed anything.


      I updated my BIOS and graphics driver to the latest versions, but to no avail. The problem persists. I even tried a different HDMI cable.


      I've attached my Intel System Support Utility summary. Hopefully someone here can help.




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          What has likely happened is Windows Update has installed a newer version of the Intel HD Graphics driver package - one that is causing problems with your monitor/TV.


          1. This can be the result of an incompatibility between the BIOS and this driver version. If you are not running on the very latest BIOS, you should upgrade to it and then see if the flickering persists.
          2. If the flickering persists, the next thing to try is downloading and installing the latest version of the driver that is available in the Intel Download Center. Here is a link to this version: Download Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows® 10* for Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i#BN.
          3. If the flickering still persists - and please tell us here if this is the case - then you should download and reinstall the version if the driver that you were running previously. Links to older versions are listed on the download page linked above.


          I hope this helps,


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            I do run the latest BIOS, and I did download the latest graphics driver. However, it wasn't from the link you provided. Now after I did use your link, I think the flickering stopped. I'll update here if the problem reoccurs.


            Amazing, thanks so much, N. Scott!