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    DP45SG major problems...


      Well it has been 3 days of ...

      The DP45SG is no longer a nice experience for me.


      I have used a rocketfish 5 rail 1000w power supply and an antec 650w 4 rail power supply.


      I had troubles copying files from one hdd to another. Then I had troubles booting and i thought the power supply was dieing. I stopped by a local store and picked up the 1000w power cause i didn't have spare parts for this build laying around.


      First problem bios corruption... Was using 0125, but downgraded to 0121 wondering if it was flaky. Pressing F2 during bios post would produce a black and pink screen. No text, no blue, no grey. I figured out i could blindly press F9, Enter, F10, Enter and it would apply the optimized defaults and reboot. Sadly that did not fix the pin and black issue at all! I prepared a USB stick and did a bios recovery. I was unable to see my screen and waited 20 minutes before just powering off the computer. I could now press F2 and see the bios screen options again. I thought i was safe, but later on that night it went back to the pink and black again... WTF! Ok its not a power supply related issue so far. Maybe its memory or even still the whacked out motherboard.I might go back to 0125 now that i think there is another issue since i got this pink and black screen even while using 0121.


      Second problem ram issues... i am now using single memory sticks. I am open to suggestions and will continue to read around the forums. Is anybody running some PVS3rG1333ELK "patriot Viper 4GB kit" on this board successfully? It is PC3 10666 ram and I have read this board does not like 4 sticks of 10666 ram, but i only have 2. I think i saw some posts that indicate 2 sticks are fine, but 4 is a huge issue for this board. Sadly I can't even get 2 sticks running Auto reliably it seems. I thought I had it stable, but after studying the logs and finding my OS complaining the computer had rebooting unexpectedly I thought it was time to figure this out. These are 9-9-9-24 1.5v sticks. I did a 24hr memory test and it was fine in Dimm A 0 and 1 as DDR3. Sadly i know better its not really working. I tried to install windows and had problems getting installed. I took the system apart an striped down to 1 stick in Dimm A 0. I recovered the bios, configured the optimized defaults, and failed to load windows. I took the system apart and put the 2nd stick in the Dimm A 1. I recovered the bios, configured the optimized defaults, and was able to load windows. I rebooted changed the bios to ACHI mode. I installed windows 7 enterprise again, updated windows update, installed the video card drivers, audio drivers (problem there), and the newer Rapid storage Technology driver. I can run chkdsk and no reboot or hang, but i wont get my hopes high just yet. I can not run a blu ray without some pauses or video breakup still. Time to mess around with this stick in different slots to see if a slot has a problem. If it works in all slots then it is time to try that other stick again. Freaking more wasted time and the weekend is over already.


      Third problem pcie width issues. since i had to take the system apart to figure out possible ram issues i thought i would trace down my PCIE x8 width instead of x16. BFG 9800GT OC 1GB PCIE 2.0 x16 running x8 wtf. Well I think it might be related to my PCIE tuner cards. Yes 2 tuner cards. They run at x1 or x8. 1 card is in the x1 slot. 2nd card is in the remaining x8 slot for crossfire mode. I would have used the other x1 slot but video card is too large and covers up that slot. Anybody know if i can use the 2nd slot at x16 if i dont use the 1st slot at x16?


      So anybody got any suggestions about this crazy board. I know i should get a replacement motherboard and i have started searching already.


      BFG 9800 GT OC 1GB PCIE 2.0 x16
      Core 2 Quad Q9550 95W
      PVS34G133ELK Patriot 4GB kit DDR3 1333 PC 10666
      Antec Truepower 650W ATX12v V2.3 EPS12v V2.91 SLI XFIRE ORIGINAL POWER SUPPLY
      Rocketfish 1000w Bought to prove the antec was not dieing...
      2x Hauppauge HVR 2250 PCIE x1 or X8 slot

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          I defiantly in firm believe my DP45SG is possessed!


          I didn't go into detail about a problem with my motherboard and the latest IDT 92xx Audio Driver 6224.3 V182 HD audio driver.

          Fresh install Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. Default MS drivers!

          Install 6224.3 V182 driver. Wants to restart, this is not a problem. I tell it that is ok to restart. During the shutdown procedure it tells me the system is hung trying to play the logoff sound. I can force it closed or cancel and wait. Canceling and waiting never works. Force it closed and the computer reboots finally.

          Next reboot you can install 6224.3 V182 over itself and it seems to not care. Uninstall the 6224.3 V182 driver kit. Reboot and let the computer install or not install the windows default drivers. It really doesn't seem to matter it will do the same thing. Try to get smarter than the program. Tell it no I will shutdown the computer myself. Installer exits. Ask the computer to restart and in a few seconds there's that crappy warning during shutdown about playing logoff sound has hung again! Well the only thing that of course that really works is to FORCE it closed.


          I was thinking things were pretty good last night - NOT PERFECT but good. I got up today and while i was getting ready for work I made some changes to the computer. I forced it to quit putting the monitor to sleep. I rebooted. WTF my intel bios screen is now all black the f2, f10, f12 box, and the INTEL WHITE logo box only. The rest of the blue graphic is missing!


          I guess this motherboard is dieing and I have barely had it 6 months! Bad mark for Intel motherboards and my trust in their quality craftsmanship. If i do manage to get this thing replaced you can rest assured I will NEVER recommend it to other friends and family. I will never use it in my media center computer ever again!


          I am taking suggestions for other boards to replace this one with.

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            Hi. I recently went through a frustrating time with a DP45SG. It was running fine for several years with a Q8300 but I wanted to use XP mode in Win 7 so I bought a Q9550 which has hardware virtualisation support. It wouldn't post - no beeps, nothing. I had the shop test the chip and it was fine. I accessed chat  and email support from Intel and posted on this  forum as well as Anandtech and Tom's Hardware. Got lots of advice and tried everything. Eventually I replaced the board with an Asus P5P43TD. Fired right up and no problems since. It has the same IO controller so windows doesn't have any trouble booting with the  new board - although you may have to ring MS and get a new key. Check this forum and the others I mentioned for the full history.



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              Thanks for your suggestion. I looked up that motherboard and it doesn't have Intel ICH10R, but it has Intel ICH10 instead. I know its only the raid options but i do want them so i will look for another MB to replace with.


              I am glad my Q9550 worked right off the bat with this motherboard, but if i would have had problems right off it would have saved me time.


              I have forced the ram settings manually and the 1333 to 1066 instead. It seems to be more stable and i tracing down a few remaining issues.