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    How can I install optane memory properly without data loss ?


      I installed win10 (NOT GPT) and I already placed my intel optane memory. Will that cause any harm ? (I did not do anything with optane).

      Thing I want to do:

      I use a tool to convert MBR to GPT without data loss. (Can I do this on a running disc ?) (Free Convert MBR to GPT Without Data Loss - EaseUS )

      Later use an installation usb just like intel mentioned. (How to Configure, Install, and Manage Intel® Optane™ Memory Before... )

      Install new win10 and keeping all files on drive ?


      evga Z370 motherboard,

      İntel 8th generation i7 8700k processor,

      Windows 10 64 bit, (MBR)

      intel optane 32gb,

      nvme samsung pro 960