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    Windows 10 1709 RAID1 creation fails in Intel RST


      Getting the same error as was in this thread:

      Creation of Raid-1 throws SSI Status: Invalid State


      Running Windows 10 1709 and trying to create a RAID1 in Windows using Intel RST with my system drive and a blank identical drive, both are Samsung 850 EVO SSDs.  Driver version is


      The Intel RST error window that pops up reads:

      (0xA00500D): An unknown error occurred while an operation was in progress.  The operation could not be completed.


      The Windows Event Viewer log entry is as follows:



      [ Name]IRST_UI




      [ Qualifiers]0


      [ SystemTime]2018-03-03T14:26:37.360190000Z


      0: Error Missing Error String 0: failed to get file system properties: 8004256F System.Exception: 0: Error returned by IsiVolumeCreateFromDisks() in PsiData::PsiDataSource::ActionVolumeCreateFromDisks


      I noticed the bit about "failed to get file system properties" so I thought it may be a permissions issue and ran Intel RST as administrator but still the same issue.

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          I just recalled the part about leaving unallocated space on the system disk.  So I shrank the end of the last volume on the system disk by 200MB and the RAID1 appears to be building now.


          More relevant information that may help others:

          The system (source) disk had two partitions.  OS (C: 81GB) and GAMES (D: 384GB).  I shrank the GAMES partition by 200MB. OS is the Windows 10 bootable partition.