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    Loss of sound on DX58XO mobo


      After much research what I thought was a MOBO hardware issue appears to be a driver issue with Win 7 x64. I have seen post after post on the MS website and the soundcard makers' sites with computers losing their sound after installing Win 7 x64. Additionally, uninstalling and re-installing the latest drivers from the mobo manufacturers (onboard sound) or the sound card manufacturers does not seem to solve the problem. It would appear that the only work around from MS is to uninstall and then re-install the driver in compatibility mode. I am wondering if Intel knows of this issue and is currently working updating their sound driver for this mobo (DX58SO) so that it will work correctly with Win 7 x64. Additionally, I actually tried a PCI sound card and while it was recognized and the system says it is working, same thing as the onboard sound devices, NO SOUND. Any ideas from INTEL?



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          The supplied driver from Intel in the Download Center site works just fine under Windows 7 x64 in my personal experience.  I have both on-board sound, and an add-on ESI Juli@ card in my system, and both work exactly as expected.


          The only time I have seen problems with the on-board sound is when I was occasionally getting no output from digital out, and that was finally resolved unchecking "Exclusive Mode" settings in the device properties.

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            works fine with me too. you should check every piece of software you installed after the operating system, and undo anything you did to the biossettings for a try.