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    Intel HD Graphics 630 and BSOD with igdkmd64.sys on wake with dual monitors


      I have a Dell OptiPlex 7050 with I5-7050.  For about 1 month been getting BSOD (stop code APC Index Mismatch, igdkmd64.sys).  I updated from Windows 10 Pro 64 version 1703 to version 1709 and it did not resolve the problem.  Dell has driver version and no other version available.  Dell support says to wipe out HD and reinstall Windows 10.  The PC is only 6 months old. 


      I have dual monitors connected by HDMI.  If I set screen saver or monitor sleep for 2 min, the problem does not appear.  When I hit windows L and allow the monitor to go into sleep state, the BSOD appears on wake.  Every morning when the PC is waken, BSOD appears.


      Are there any better solution than reloading the OS?  I have seen some post say it is a driver issue.