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    intel hd graphics 630 is dead


      hi. problem with intel hd graphics 630 driver version

      I have a intel 7th gen core i7-7700 3.60mhz 4 cores 8 threads

      GTX 1070

      16g hard ddr4 2400 mhz

      ssd 256g sandisk

      hhd 1t toshiba

      water cooled system

      power 460 for water cooled

      660 ups back up

      mother board alienwaresion

      alienware arura r6 = pc type

      my issue is my frames per sec -fps is dropping between 100 to 120 was idle at 300

      so went to resorce moniter to check things .notice the intel hd 630 is doing nothing.sense this has been happening I`e been checking the monitoroftware and for 2 weeks straight  never goes above 0%utilization.graph no movement ever. no matter what my system is doing idle or during max performance or when stressed .basicly it sits there dead . I updated the driver to no avail . so can u help already tried alienware to no avail. what responsabilty does this thing do.nobody has givin me a straight answer . intel or alienware. vage and genral . running of course windows 10 pro 64 also done every driver update for every single thing this system has . hardware to software .


             sorry about typos big hands. please  help . and what tells me their is a problem the video game get chopy and acts like its lagging ping is steady 30 no packet lose or choke . 64 tick rate server allinfo is from net graph from the server in constant comm. I think the rate it refreshes is 1000ms .soit not the server or internet dedicated line 50mb a sec up load 12 to 15 mbs.

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          Do you really mean the resource monitor or the performance tab of the task manager?

          Can you add some screenshots?


          Double-check with GPU-Z (sensors tab) and Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)

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            every and I mean every software- command promp test that their is out their  says everything is fine. even that one. I cant run intel xtu will void my warranty .system only 3 months old never has it been over clock . not the cpu , gpu or memory. windows trimed down of all bloatware .boot gets all 4 cores and 8 threads .cores unparked page file 30,000mbs only has 1 software installed .its a nascar that wont stay above 60mph.turned of a lot of back hand services off  . went from 180 to I think it onlt runs about 110 120 things processing .pre and superfecth is good . added code to reddit I  cant remember exactly what its called but its very simualer to reditt ,to speed up bandwidth traffic in dumb terms

            but yeah in task manger. cpu never over 20 maybe 30% uti. hard mem . 25% gpu  it goes up and down ,but its supposed to  bc/what ever its doing its temp has never went over 150.partishions in ssd come out to a even #. only 40% of ssd filled I think only 5 maybe 10% ogg hhd filled . almost literally anything to fine tune this pc has been done . reinstalled windows from flash drive 5 times . this is a fine tuned and I  mean fine tuned .their is more but that's all I can think of right now . don't have any sceen shots sorry