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    Creating a 3D model scan with RealSense SDK 2.0


      Hi everyone,


      I discovered a very good guide for creating 3D model scans with RealSense SDK 2.0 by creating a Point Cloud depth scan and then converting the point cloud into a mesh, and so thought I'd share it.




      Edit: as mentioned in the guide, you can export a .ply format file from the RealSense Viewer.  Please ensure that you have your RealSense Viewer window maximized in fullscreen, otherwise the buttons of the toolbar that the ply export button is on can overlap and become unusable if the Viewer window is shrunken.


      To find the .ply export button in the RealSense viewer:


      (1) Click on the '3D' button'


      (2) Click on the ply export button.  Both are marked on the image below.



      Once you have created a .ply file, you can import it into the popular free 3D modeling software Blender.  Please note that the exported ply file does not seem to be compatible with the '3D Builder' Microsoft app supplied with Windows 10.


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